Segmentation of Indonesian Consumer

22 03 2008

There are 4 Categories of Indonesian Consumer, those are:

Mature Generation, born in 1945 and down. (upper of 62 years old)

Baby Boomers, born in 1946 – 1964 (43 – 61 years old)

Generation X. born in 1965 – 1979 (28 – 42 years old)

Generation Y. born in 1980 – 1994 (13 – 27 years old)

Each of Generations has several unique categories which need to consider while communicating with them.

BABY BOOMERS (43 – 61 years old)

-Icon generation “KAMI”

-Determined generation

-Experience Rock ‘n Roll, sexual revolution, New paradigm

-Respond to support, comfortable, rights, and achieve heroic

-Attitude Evolution: Rock and Roll, film, sport, politic, business Figure, reality, suggested by market, Race influence, doubt in technology, Religy, aspirations, anti aging, entertainment, victory

-Physic and psycho function

Generation X (28 – 42 years old)

-Progress to get carrier, buy home

-saving, plan of fund

-unwilling to sacrifice their life for enterprise

-glad to take variety of work and raise skill and study vacancy

-teamwork, be equivalent,

-good leader

-no take care of gender issue in job place

-growth creativity and flexible

-humor, sarcasm

-take care of unique advertisement

-nontradition advertisement

-internet: collect information and entertainment

-magazine: enjoyful

-TV: dayend entertainment



-opposite of Boomer

Generation Y (13 – 27 years old)

-have part time less than 3 hours.

-Growth practical era

-exclusive brand

-sensitive of global issue, proverty, war and environment

-offer help

-responsible, increase social life

-honor of their parents

-not proud

-Life segmentation

-create private product



-find experience in sales

-growing impatience

-rapid lifestyle, rapid change

(majalah mix)




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