Tips Of Marketing Plan

22 03 2008

Tips Of Marketing Plan:

1. Don’t start making an objective whitout understanding the situation.

2. Focus in data analysis, start from sales and its effect parameters, because marketing strategy made to delivered sales.

3. Remember SMART (Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Based)

4. Strategy is macro.

5. When comes to tactical, go as detail as you can because good strategic whitout good tactical is plan to failed.


10 Mistaken Marketing Plan study of market analysis when make a marketing plan focus of purpose when determine marketing objective

3.focus in execution, not strategy

4. convensional marketing program, no market innovator

5.focus in data creative

7.tool of Communication is just advertisement marketing mix

9. pessimist in fund and human resource limitation

10. unwilling to change marketing plan when progress.

(Source: Mix Magazine)





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