See CR7 in Dream

5 05 2008

See CR7 in Dream

Because watching football match MU vs Roma (Champion league) at 2 – 3 AM, Wednesday of April 23rd,l 2008i, I dreamed in facing Christiano Ronaldo in USA after accomplishing to watch the big match one. Here is unique to see CR7 in USA.

That day, I saw Christiano Ronaldo at a room. He was sitting on the chair, then I came to him and said hello, thus I asked him to get photo with me. I was really glad, coz CR7 is the world star of football!. When I faced him, I didn’t have a camera, even he borrowed his camera and we were getting photoes. Creek… Creek !!! Camera sound. I was not impatient to show those photoes to myfriends while dreaming. I am hurried to borrow Ronaldo’s camera for copying photos inside to myflashdisk through computer that locates near Ronaldo seat. Then I went out from that room happily. In Outdoor, “USA environment was like Indonesia,” I thought in mydream. And I woke up. Ah, day was morning and I got up to wash myface and did myobligation”pray”.

That Dream I experience was like real, Although reality, it is impossible to see directly a wonderfulboy like Christiano Ronaldo CR7, But I see him in mydream.

Dream is very unique. We can do anything or experience events that is impossible to do in real life. Fo instance, mydream to see CR7. There is a Multi level Marketing (MLM) from China “Thiansi” that takes place “dream” as a fundamental strategy of marketing. Even, Creativity appears from dream. And don’t forget to thank Allah.




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