Set Up FTP Server

30 08 2008

From myarticle before …. ftp

Firstly, have to install the FTP service on our IIS machine. If IIS doesnt install yet,
please install by using XP CD.
We need to add an additional component to the Application Server role we assigned
our machine when we used Manage Your Server to install IIS.

Here’re the steps:
1.Select Control Panel -> Add or Remove Program, select Add/Remove Windows Components.
select the checkbox for Application Server. Look at the pic below.

2.Click OK twice, install the FTP service. During installation you’ll need to insert
Windows Server 2003 CD, where the Windows Server 2003 setup files are located. Click Finish.

3.Open IIS Manager in Administrative Tools, select FTP Sites in the console tree, right-click on Default FTP Site and select Properties.
the IP address for the Default FTP Site is set to All Unassigned. This means any IP address not specifically assigned to another FTP site on the machine opens the Default FTP Site instead.

4.To create the new FTP site, right-click on the FTP Sites node and select New —> FTP Site. This starts the FTP Site Creation Wizard. Click Next and type a description for the site.
5.IP address for the (Name of Description) FTP site.

6.Click Next and select ‘Do not isolate users’, since this will be a site that anyone (including guest users) will be free to access.
7.Click Next and specify ‘C:\server’ as the location of the root directory for the site.
8.Click Next and leave the access permissions set at ‘Read’ only as this site will only be used for downloading forms for present and prospective employees.
9.Click Next and then Finish to complete the wizard. The new FTP site can now be seen in IIS Manager under the FTP Sites node.

10.To view the contents of this site, open the URL using Internet Explorer.

11.Note: In the status bar at the bottom of the IE window that you are connected as an anonymous user. To view all users currently connected to the FTP site, right-click on the site in Internet Service Manager and select Properties, then on the FTP Site tab click the Current Sessions button to open the FTP User Sessions dialog.
Anonymous users using IE are displayed as IEUser@ under Connected Users.

12.Now let’s create another FTP site using a script. We’ll create a site called Help and Support with root directory C:\Support and IP address

13.Here’s the result of running the script:





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24 11 2008

terima kasih buat putra bangsa yang bisa berbagi ilmunya dengan orang lain

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