Create ‘Shutdown’ Through Notepad and Registry

1 09 2008

Open Your cute Notepad and paste the code below, save the file
with whatever name by extension *.reg, Ex. “shutdown.reg”. then click the file to run. Then come up confirmation page, Click Yes.

Here’re the codes:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



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Create A Simple Virus Via Registry

31 08 2008

There are many ways to create a fake virus and make computer restart or shutdown.
Now, through this page you can get much experiences.
Please, Have a awesome watch through:


Let’s follow the instruction below to create a virus and I give the troubleshooting too to troubleshoot the virus effect.
Here comes virus:
1. Click Start -> Run.
2. Type regedit. Now ENTER.
3. Go To HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Run.
4. Click on Edit Menu > New > Expanded string value
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Set Up FTP Server

30 08 2008

From myarticle before …. ftp

Firstly, have to install the FTP service on our IIS machine. If IIS doesnt install yet,
please install by using XP CD.
We need to add an additional component to the Application Server role we assigned
our machine when we used Manage Your Server to install IIS.

Here’re the steps:
1.Select Control Panel -> Add or Remove Program, select Add/Remove Windows Components.
select the checkbox for Application Server. Look at the pic below.
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How To Hide A Partition Disk (C)

29 08 2008

iT’s a simple way to hide a partition disk. Ex. Partition in C is an important
case.It need to be protected and one of ways is hide parttion. Let’s have a nice steps:

1. Select START -> RUN and type: gpedit.msc, to open Group Policy.
2. Click User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Explorer.
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27 08 2008

Dear Friends,
Here are an article that ask you to get adventure for finding FTP using Google.
It’s steps for myfriends:

Using leech
1. Open in browser.
2. Type in google search: ftp://leech and ENTER.

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How To Kill Virus Regsvr, New Folder, Autorun.inf

27 08 2008

Have You experienced something troubled to computer? You harddisk is corrupted by unknown virus till 700 MB. That’s horrible enough, make our computer worse. It may be caused by familiar virus of digital era “regsvr.exe” or new folder.exe.(WORM DELF.FKZ). Dont be worried just relaxed. There is an easy troubleshooting way to handle.

STEPS to kill those viruses:

8) Foreplay Way

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Card Test ADSL

28 09 2007

Card test ADSL can be used as a modem ADSL 🙂 for connecting to the internet based ADSL. So you just plug in RJ 11 (phone) to cardtest ADSL device. You don’t have to set IP, coz it’s DHCP type (IP dinamic). Then login to the intenet If you use Bridge configuration. If you use PPPOe configuration, just surf soon 🙂

Here, the Cardtest:

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