25 08 2008

Managing other computer is joyful activity. We have not to stand, move or reach other computer to shutdown, restart or log off. Here, The easiest Tips to do those are: (All computers in same network)

1. Select START -> RUN
2. tYPE: cmd. Enter.
3. A window will come up. Look at the pic below.

4. Type: shutdown -i. So A new window will come up. lOOK AT the pic below. Read the rest of this entry »


How TO Create A Network (LAN) Using IP Management Calculation(PART2)

29 05 2008

From my article before “How TO Create A Network (LAN) Using IP Management Calculation(PART1)”, We continue to article about how to determine the Subnet.

The way to determine Subnet
Step 1:
Understand ’bout IP Class. You can search the tutorial and other references at internet.

Class A 1 – 126 (127 reserved)

Class B 128 – 191

Class C 192 – 223

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How To Set FTP in Windows

1 05 2008

FTP – File Transport Protocol – 8) is part of TCP/IP used to copy files from one computer to another computer two ways of internet. Client can send files to server or can ask files from server. Here is the ways to set ftp of Dos, you can look at fig below:

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23 04 2008

Remote Desktop! Other computer locating far from such computer can be controlled remotely from our computer. And the computers are in the same network.

Steps to Remote Desktop Setting:

1. Right Click Explorer – MyComputer – Properties – Select Remote User

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How To Learn IP Management

2 12 2007

If you wanna be a hacker You hve to know ’bout IP Management.


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