How TO Create A Network (LAN) Using IP Management Calculation(PART2)

29 05 2008

From my article before “How TO Create A Network (LAN) Using IP Management Calculation(PART1)”, We continue to article about how to determine the Subnet.

The way to determine Subnet
Step 1:
Understand ’bout IP Class. You can search the tutorial and other references at internet.

Class A 1 – 126 (127 reserved)

Class B 128 – 191

Class C 192 – 223

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How To Create Computer Network (LAN) Using Manajemen IP Calculation(PART1)

23 05 2008

Before establishing a LAN 🙂 🙂 with number of host (PC) of IP Address. I consider you have known the fundamental of IP Address like IP class and netmask. The way to calculate Netmask and Host for network: I give you a case below and the solving way: There is the number of computer that will be created to be a network with IP address, It has to be divided into 4 sub-network. From Host-bit (8bit), We must take some bits to make a sub-network. If you take 2 bits first, The combination of bits:

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